Meet the Team

Lauren Golen, Founder @Zero Yoga Institute

Lauren Golen is the founder of At Zero Yoga Institute. She is an experienced yoga teacher of over 2 decades. She has a passion for empowering others to break through self imposed limits so you can step fully into the truth of who you are and your unlimited potential.
She has a yoga school in Palm Beach Gardens and teaches Bikram Hot Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She has a 200 hour yoga school and trains others who want to become yoga teachers and leaders in their community.
She leads classes, yoga retreats, and online workshops and transformational experiences with her At Zero Yoga Crew that will create lasting changes in people’s lives. She is passionate about creating a community where all people get to align to the gifts of who they are and what they came here to do.
Be willing to empty yourself completely so you can step into the greatest love of all. We can’t wait to meet you.

Kaitlin Rathkamp. Yoga Teacher

Originally from Wisconsin, Kaitlin has never liked the cold, and couldn’t wait to try Bikram Yoga when a studio opened in Milwaukee. After regaining consciousness from her first class and slamming a bunch of water, she knew she was hooked. After developing a serious yoga addiction a year later, she went to teacher training in Spring 2010. Because of this yoga, Kaitlin is continuously learning and evolving, and she wants to help her students do the same.  
About her experience this far, she says, “A consistent yoga practice brings any imbalances I have to the surface, which forces me to be honest about myself and the choices I make. It hasn’t always been easy to look in that mirror, but I can’t imagine where I would be without it.”  
Kaitlin was a traveling teacher in the U.S. and Europe for two years before owning a studio in Milwaukee. She recently moved to WPB, and is excited to try kitesurfing, explore, and teach.  
Favorite Quote: Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself. 
-Bhagavad Gita

Jada Reed, Yoga Teacher

I started my Bikram Yoga journey about 14 years ago & fell in love with the practice!
It is such a beautiful community and I just loved how I felt after every class..detoxified, sweaty, elated, & cleansed.
Ten years ago I had the opportunity to go out to teacher training in LA with Bikram himself. I knew after just a few years of practicing that I wanted to teach this yoga because I wanted to not only have a deeper understanding of the practice but to also share my love of the practice with others.
This yoga has impacted my life tremendously. It has taught me self-discipline, love & acceptance for where I am in the exact moment and knowing it’s perfect. I am committed that each and every student feels welcomed into our community.
Fun facts about me..I am a nurse, realtor & dog-mom to two amazing fur babies!!

Kristen Morris, Yoga Teacher  

Health is a vehicle, not a destination” 
I got into teaching group fitness and personal training when I was 18 years old, looking to avoid the “freshman 15”.  
What started out as a purely physical goal was slowly transformed as I implemented yoga into my life.  I took my first yoga class in 1997 (Bikram) as a way to gain flexibility for a fitness competition.  
5 years later I was going to my first power yoga teacher training.  Over time I realized that the quiet, spirituality and sense of calm confidence was exactly what I needed to create real balance in my life.  
My intention as a teacher is to empower my students to show up authentically and leave feeling safe, successful  and happy.

Gerri Garton, Yoga Teacher

My 26& 2 yoga practice started 14 years ago.
It was not LOVE at first sight, but I noticed that I felt better when I did yoga. Everything felt better. So I would just get myself to yoga, knowing that I would feel better after each class.
At that time in my life, I was a professional photographer. Carrying up to 3 cameras at a time, my neck and shoulders needed this yoga. The yoga also helped me not just physically but also mentally. It quieted my mind so that I could make decisions in a calm matter. As we all know, life has its ups and downs. Yoga has helped me get through those tough times in life to gain a better outlook and a calmer disposition.
In 2016, I went to Bikram Teacher Training in India.
Training was one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life; I'm glad that I did it. It taught me that I'm stronger than I thought I was. I found this inner strength that I didn't know I had. Now, I try to help students find their bengal tiger strength inside of themselves.
I believe this yoga works! What I love about this yoga is that it is a beginner yoga. It's for everyone! You're never too old, just come in and do your best. It is a healing yoga. Some miracles require some determination!
As a yoga teacher, one of the best gifts this yoga has given me is to see the human body be changed over time to be restored to a full range of motion.
My heart is filled with gratitude for this yoga and its healing power!
One fun fact is I have identical twin sister. So if you see someone how looks like me it might not be me lol.

Michelle Manrique, Yoga Teacher

I've been practicing yoga for about 7-10 years, vinyasa for 10, Bikram yoga for about 7 years.
I became a yoga teacher originally to deepen my practice, and then realized I wanted to teach. I wanted to share the benefits of yoga with others as well as extend the peace and joy it has brought me and to be a part of the yoga community.
Yoga has impacted my life in many ways. It has brought peace, clarity and calmness and discipline into my life, has improved my health, my focus and reduced stress.
I'd like to create the experience of community inclusiveness and belonging in my classes. There is a place for everyone at every level in the hot room.
One fun fact: On a dare started making retro 70's style jello molds for parties and gifts, customized and very unique for each occasion!

Glenny Barcena, Tech VA 

13+ years of corporate experience in various roles including teaching, digital creatives, marketing, and team management.
More than 5 years of managing an online business (travel services) where she also managed and trained a team of 3000+ online entrepreneurs (in the network marketing business) and was one of the company’s consistent top-earner.
A multi-skilled computer geek with a strong passion for Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship.
Currently managing her own digital marketing services business with the primary goal of helping start-up coaches and women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses, launches, funnels, and managing and organizing their projects/teams.
Glenny is also a proud online certified coach with the primary goal of helping full-time moms to become homebased online entrepreneurs.